Manufacturer: WHITNEY TOOL
SDS Revision Date: 6/11/2008
SDS Format: No Format Specified
Item Number(s): 2LXR5, 2LXR6, 2LXR7, 2LXR8, 2LXR9, 2LXT1, 2LXT2, 2LXT3, 2LXT4, 2LXT5, 2LXT6, 2LXT7, 2LXT8, 2LXT9, 2LXU1, 2LXU2, 2LXU3, 2LXU4, 2LXU5, 2LXU6, 2LXU7, 2LXU8, 2LXU9, 2LXV1, 2LXV2, 2LXV3, 2LXV4, 2LXV5, 2LXV6, 2LXV7, 2LXV8, 2LXV9, 2LXW1, 2LXW2, 2LXW3, 2LXW4, 2LXW5, 2LXW6, 2LXW7, 2LXW8, 2LXW9, 2LXX1, 2LXX2, 2LXX3, 2LXX4, 2LXX5, 2LXX6, 2LXX7, 2LXX8, 2LXX9, 2LXY1, 2LXY2, 2LXY3, 2LXY4, 2LXY5, 2LXY6, 2LXY7, 2LXY8, 2LXY9, 2LXZ1, 2LXZ2, 2LXZ3, 2LXZ4, 2LXZ5, 2LXZ6, 2LXZ7, 2LXZ8, 2LXZ9, 2LYA1, 2LYA2, 2LYA3, 2LYA4, 2LYA5, 2LYA6, 2LYA7, 2LYA8, 2LYA9, 2LYC1, 2LYC2, 2LYC3, 2LYC4, 2LYC5, 2LYC6, 2LYC7, 2LYC8, 2LYC9, 2LYD1, 2LYD2, 2LYD3, 2LYD4, 2LYD5, 2LYD6, 2LYD7, 2LYD8, 2LYD9, 2LYF1, 2LYF2, 2LYF3, 2LYF4, 2LYF5, 2LYF6, 2PDP5, 2PDP6, 2PDP7, 2PDP8, 2PDP9, 2PDR1, 2PDR2, 2PDR3, 2PDR4, 2PDR5, 2PDR6, 2PDR7, 2PDR8, 2PDR9, 2PDT1, 2PDT2, 2PDT3, 2PDT4, 2PDT5, 2PDT6, 2PDT7, 2PDT8, 2PDT9, 2PDU1, 2PDU2, 2PDU3, 2PDU4, 2PDU5, 2PDU6, 2PDU7, 2PDU8, 2PDU9, 2PDV1, 2PDV2, 2PDV3, 2PDV4, 2PDV5, 2PDV6, 2PDV7, 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2PER7, 2PER8, 2PER9, 2PEU1, 2PEU2, 2PEU3, 2PEU4, 2PEU5, 2PEU6, 2PEU7, 2PEU8, 2PEU9, 2PEV1, 2PEV2, 2PEV3, 2PEV4, 2PEV5, 2PEV6, 2PEV7, 2PEV8, 2PEV9, 2PEW1, 2PEW2, 2PEW3, 2PEW4, 2PEW5, 2PEW6, 2PEW7, 2PEW8, 2PEW9, 2PEX1, 2PEX2, 2PEX3, 2PEX4, 2PEX5, 2PEX6, 2PEX7, 2PEX8, 2PEX9, 2PEY1, 2PEY2, 2PEY3, 2PEY4, 2PEY5, 2PEY6, 2PEY7, 2PEY8, 2PEY9, 2PEZ1, 2PEZ2, 2PEZ3, 2PEZ4, 2PEZ5, 2PEZ6, 2PEZ7, 2PEZ8, 2PEZ9, 2PFA1, 2PFA2, 2PFA3, 2PFA4, 2PFA5, 2PFA6, 2PFA7, 2PFA8, 2PFA9, 2PFC1, 2PFC2, 2PFC3, 2PFC4, 2PFC5, 2PFC6, 2PFC7, 2PFC8, 2PFC9, 2PFD1, 2PFD2, 2PFD3, 2PFD4, 2PFD5, 2PFD6, 2PFD7, 2PFD8, 2PFD9, 2PFE1, 2PFE2, 2PFE3, 2PFE4, 2PFE5, 2PFE6, 2PFE7, 2PFE8, 2PFE9, 2PFF1, 2PFF2, 2PFF3, 2PFF4, 2PFF5, 2PFF6, 2PFF7, 2PFF8, 2PFF9, 2PFG1, 2PFG2, 2PFG3, 2PFG4, 2PFG5, 2PFG6, 2PFG7, 2PFG8, 2PFG9, 2PFH1, 2PFH2, 2PFH3, 2PFH4, 2PFH5, 2PFH6, 2PFH7, 2PFH8, 2PFH9, 2PFJ1, 2PFJ2, 2PFJ3, 2PFJ4, 2PFJ5, 2PFJ6, 2PFJ7, 2PFJ8, 2PFJ9, 2PFK1, 2PFK2, 2PFK3, 2PFK4, 2PFK5, 2PFK6, 2PFK7, 2PFK8, 2PFK9, 2PFL1, 2PFL2, 2PHG7, 2PHG8, 2PHG9, 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2PJC9, 2PJD1, 2PJD2, 2PJD3, 2PJD4, 2PJD5, 2PJD6, 2PJD7, 2PJD8, 2PJD9, 2PJE1, 2PJE2, 2PJE3, 2PMR2, 2PMR3, 2PMR4, 2PMR5, 2PMR6, 2PMR7, 2PMR8, 2PMR9, 2PMT1, 2PMT2, 2PMT3, 2PMT4, 2PMT5, 2PMT6, 2PMT7, 2PMT8, 2PMT9, 2PMU1, 2PMU2, 2PMU3, 2PMU4, 2PMU5, 2PMU6, 2PMU7, 2PMU8, 2PMU9, 2PMV1, 2PMV2, 2PMV3, 2PMV4, 2PMV5, 2PMV6, 2PMV7, 2PMV8, 2PMV9, 2PMW1, 2PMW2, 2PMW3, 2PMW4, 2PMW5, 2PMW6, 2PMW7, 2PMW8, 2PMW9, 2PMX1, 2PMX2, 2PMX3, 2PMX4, 2PMX5, 2PMX6, 2PMX7, 2PMX8, 2PMX9, 2PMY1, 2PMY2, 2PMY3, 2PMY4, 2PMY5, 2PMY6, 2PMY7, 2PMY8, 2PMY9, 2PMZ1, 2PMZ2, 2PMZ3, 2PMZ4, 2PMZ5, 2PMZ6, 2PMZ7, 2PMZ8, 2PMZ9, 2PNA1, 2PNA2, 2PNA3, 2PNA4, 2PNA5, 2PNA6, 2PNA7, 2PNA8, 2PNA9, 2PNC1, 2PNC2, 2PNC3, 2PNC4, 2PNC5, 2PNC6, 2PNC7, 2PNC8, 2PNC9, 2PND1, 2PND2, 2PND3, 2PND4, 2PND5, 2PND6, 2PND7, 2PND8, 2PND9, 2TMW6, 2TMW7, 2TMW8, 2TMW9, 2TMX1, 2TMX2, 2TMX3, 2TMX4, 2TMX5, 2TMX6, 2TMX7, 2TMX8, 2TMX9, 2TMY1, 2TMY2, 2TMY3, 2TMY4, 2TMY5, 2TMY6, 2TMY7, 2TMY8, 2TMY9, 2TMZ1, 2TMZ2, 2TMZ3, 2TMZ4, 2TMZ5, 2TMZ6, 2TMZ7, 2TMZ8, 2TMZ9, 2TNC1, 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ADDRESS: 906 R. ST., BEDFORD, IN 47421

TELEPHONE NO: (812)275-4491







                                          (MG/M3)        (MG/M3).

COBALT                  7440-48-4         0.1            0.1

CHROMIUM                7440-47-3         1.0            50

MANGANESE               7439-96-5 (DUST)  5 (CEILING)    5 (CEILING)
                        (FUME)                           1

MOLYODENUM              7439-98-7         15             10

VANADIUM                1314-62-1 (DUST)  .5 (CEILING)   .05
                        (FUME)            .1 (CEILING)   .05

CARBON                  1333-86-4         3.5            3.5
                                                         (AS CARBON BLACK)

TUNGSTEN                7440-33-7                        5

SILICON                 7440-21-2 (DUST)                 5.0

IRON                    1309-37-1         10             5