How to find a SDS

Finding a SDS using the search fields:

Within the blue box on the Search page, you will see one or more search fields which allow you to enter a criteria into. One or more search fields can be used to determine what you are searching for. The examples below will show the possible methods of looking up a made up product called Motor Oil 154 by a company called Motor Care Products.

Method 1
Searching for the product name only:

Common Name:
Motor Oil 154

Method 2
Searching for the manufacturer name only:

Common Name:
Motor Care Products

Method 3
Search for partial product name:

Common Name:

Method 4
Searching for the combination of a product name and manufacturer:

Common Name:
Motor Care


Important Search Notes:

  1. All search fields are ANDed together.
  2. All words within each search field are also ANDed together
  3. Do not use characters such as ",',+ to attempt to enhance your search criteria. All such characters would be looked at literally and could actually hinder your searching.
  4. Partial word searches such as 'Oi' for 'Oil' only work starting from the beginning of the word. Index Server is incapable of finding 'Broil' from 'oil'.